Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) announces company name change to Sidus Space

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions, Inc. (CTAS), a space and defense manufacturing firm with engineers, technicians and state of the art equipment providing precision machining, fabrication and assembly is proud to announce that it is transitioning its brand name to Sidus Space, effective immediately.

Over the past three years, CTAS has purposefully evolved into a space-as-a-service company, providing clients with rapidly scalable low-cost satellite services, space-based solutions and testing alternatives to encourage the development and possibilities of innovative technologies by supporting those who develop them worldwide.

“Our new name, Sidus Space, is designed to emphasize our hard work and experience, and the opportunity that we have in the new and transformative space sector. Sidus means ‘resembling a star’ and like a star, our reflection is of our past and our future. The goals of Sidus Space are ambitious and have significant implications for the global satellite manufacturing and deployment services and products markets. As a company, we believe in the disruptive characteristics of our space-as-a-service offerings and the growth opportunities it presents for customers, partners, and our employees” said Carol Craig, CEO. “Our name change does not change our commitment to providing quality manufacturing and assembly for our government and commercial customers but simply broadens our focus to support our belief that space should be for everyone.”

Several significant moves have fueled the company’s evolution, including:

  • Expanded customer base to include commercial space and maritime/underwater industries
  • Expanded facilities to 40,000sqft
  • Received ITU License approval for a 100 satellite constellation for X- & S-Band Radio Frequencies
  • Developed, launched, installed, and successfully retrieved external flight test platform on the ISS (EFTP)
  • Received approval for NOAA license
  • Awarded NASA contract to deploy small satellites from the ISS using the Space Station Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS)
  • Executed several MOUs and agreements with US and International partners to integrate technologies and deploy satellites using SSIKLOPS
  • Developed 3D small satellite prototype
  • Executed Letter of Intent from International Space Agency for satellite manufacturing
  • Executed Letter of Intent for Joint Venture with International aerospace firm
  • Executed Payload Integration Agreement (PIA) with NASA for 100kg small satellite with an expected launch in 2022
  • Executed Implementation Partner agreement with ISS National Lab

“This moment is not just a change of ‘sign’, but a sign of change. Our new brand better reflects our vision to change the world by creating an easily accessible space ecosystem using our extensive experience and facilities – giving everyone a chance to reach the stars.” explained Carol Craig.

Sidus owns, operates, and leases space onboard 100kg rideshare satellites with plans for launching 100 satellites in 5 years. By developing a cradle-to-grave offering for space, we can deliver customer solutions and technologies to orbit in months, rather than years. In addition, Sidus provides high-impact data for insights on aviation, maritime, weather, space services, Earth intelligence and observation, and an Internet of Things (IoT) as a monthly subscription service.

Current customers include, but are not limited, to the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The ISS National Lab, Airbus, Bechtel National, Blue Origin, Boeing, Collins Aerospace, Dynetics, L3 Harris, Lockheed Martin, Nanoracks, Northrop Grumman, OneWeb, Parsons, Teledyne Marine, and several international governments and companies.

As humankind further ventures into the frontiers of space and begins the inevitable evolution from a terrestrial to an extraterrestrial species, Sidus Space will work to ensure the effort is affordable to all.

Karen Soriano

Source: Sidus Space

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