Space Access Reimagined

Sidus Space is at the forefront of developing the next generation of space technologies that function as customized platforms designed to adapt, grow, and evolve with the changing needs of the space economy.

Lizzie Satellite

Space and Data as-a-service

Combining multi-sensor coincident data and artificial intelligence, we gather, analyze, and provide data solutions that empower decisions through increasing monitoring capacity and redefining rapid response.


Elevate operational efficiency by integrating your data with tailored AI analytics processed directly in orbit. Through precise pattern recognition, AI empowers predictive applications, enabling tasks like accurate object detection and change tracking.

Smart Vertical Integration

LizzieSat™ is more than just a satellite; it’s a comprehensive and adaptable space solution. Seamlessly integrating custom payloads with advanced communication, power, navigation, and computing subsystems, it provides global access to vital Low Earth Orbit data.

Innovators, Engineers, Designers & Manufacturers

We specialize in precise engineering and the manufacture of mission-critical hardware – meeting the needs of a wide range of sectors that require unwavering reliability and lasting durability.

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