External Flight
Test Platform

The EFTP offers multiple industries the ability to develop, test, fly and return experiments, hardware, materials, and advanced electronics on the ISS.

external flight test platform

We provide and offer flight test apparatuses that allow you the ability to develop, test, fly and return experiments including hardware, materials and advanced electronics to and from space.

Amenities Include

  • Integration and delivery to the ISS
  • Typical deployment period of 15 weeks
  • Payloads can be returned after the mission
  • Highly reconfigurable platform
  • Available space: 1100 in3 (payloads are NOT required to conform to CubeSat form factors)
  • Power: 28V connectors (up to 2 available)
  • Flight computer available to support a wide array of sensor data
  • Wake and Nadir viewing available
  • Additive and traditional manufacturing available to support payload development
  • Two left-hand circular polarized (LHCP) spiral antenna
  • Frequency band of 2 to 18 GHz (nadir and zenith facing)
  • GPS patch antenna option