Unveiling Insights

Our commitment to exploration goes beyond hardware–we’re integrating hardware and software artificial intelligence (AI) to our space platform. Through space-based data and insights, we’re collecting valuable information about Earth and Space. The data not only fuels scientific curiosities, but also addresses the growing exacting demands of many diverse emerging markets.


Customers log in to an intuitive and user-friendly interface where they can choose their mission requirements, for things like: area(s) of interest, object(s) of interest, mission duration, etc.


Sidus servers take the area of interest and requirements and turn that into a mission schedule that is forwarded to a ground station for uplink to the LizzieSat constellation along with the relevant algorithms.


LizzieSats in orbit take in the requested data. They each have our proprietary, high performance FeatherEdge processing unit installed for convenient, localized (onboard) AI computing.


Our patent pending software, FeatherWare, intelligently compares each customer’s mission requirements with the captured photos to determine which algorithms need to be run for each image.


Information tagged as a priority item will be sent down before all the raw data is downlinked at the next available ground station. This ensures the shortest delay in getting critical information to the customer.


From Step 3-Step 6 enables near-real-time (less than 60 seconds) decision making from space on a commercial scale.  Analytics are updated in the customer’s profile where they can be accessed at any time. 

Benefits of Processing Data on Orbit

FeatherEdge comprises a powerful AI computing module, which leverages the fastest and most power efficient computing products on the market while also maintaining the reliability and rigors needed for space applications. Rather than sending large sets of raw data down to ground stations, FeatherEdge can process data directly from onboard sensors and only send down the relevant information. This reduces downlink costs and improves response times to observable events.

Leading the Future with Artificial Intelligence

At Sidus Space, we believe in Space Access Reimagined™. While this phrase applies to our innovative hardware and software, it also means that we believe in inviting a wide audience to access the benefits of space development. There is a growing cost to not adopting space infrastructure and AI into your business plan. AI can provide companies with valuable insights to help them make better decisions and grow. Companies that don’t embrace this important step in space development are likely to miss out on critical opportunities and will likely fall behind their competition.