Building Space Infrastructure
For the Space Economy

With a vision to cater to both Commercial and Government customers, Sidus Space has organized into three distinct business lines: manufacturing services, space infrastructure as-a-service, and space based data and insights. This structure allows us to tailor our offerings to a wide array of mission sets and customer needs.

Innovation on the
Shoulders of Space Heritage

Our management team is uniquely experienced within the areas of space heritage, advanced technology, engineering, infrastructure and planning, and mission operations, within both the commercial and traditional space industries.


Carol Craig

Founder & CEO

Bill White

Chief Financial Officer

John Curry

Director of Flight Operations

Rich Kube

Director of Production

Mark Mikolajczyk

Director of Operations

John Roy

Director of Human Resources

Take part in the future of
the global space economy

Sidus Space is at the forefront of developing the next generation of space technologies that function as customized platforms for your specific needs. This success stems from high precision manufacturing of hardware, technology hosting, advanced data collection, and meeting the demand for AI enabled data processing.

Diverse Customer Portfolio

rocket launch

In the Heart of
the Space Coast

  • Mission Control and Headquarters located in Merritt Island, Florida
  • 35,000 Sq. Ft. Operations and Manufacturing facilities located in Cape Canaveral, Florida
3d printer fabrication unit

Space Company

  • Space and Defense Hardware Manufacturing
  • Satellite Manufacturing and Payload Integration
  • Space-Based Data Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Products and Services

Space-based infrastructure

  • Supporting the upstream and downstream economic multipliers for space
  • Building space infrastructure to facilitate Bringing Space Down to Earth for everyone
  • Platform with a purpose-designed to adapt, grow, and evolve with the changing needs of the space economy, ensuring a future-ready foundation.
  • 24/7 Mission Control

Becoming a supplier
for Sidus Space

Sidus Space has been an industry leader for 13+ years for commercial, military, and government manufacturing applications. This enables us to implement flexible/shorter production cycles and build right-sized satellites for their intended purposes. While many components are optimized in-house, we also look for space-proven, off-the-shelf components that align with our standards of quality control. Sidus Space determines our own requirements for procurement and selects our own sources of supply.

  • Aerospace Support
  • Avionics and Avionics Components
  • Common Aerospace Commodities
  • Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Systems
  • Nonproduction Goods and Services
  • Purchases Outside Production
  • Technology

In the supplier evaluation and selection process, procurement agents assess factors such as manufacturing capability, production capacity, financial stability, geographic location, past performance, reliability, product quality, delivery timelines, and the quality of customer-supplier relationships.

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