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From Concept To Low Earth Orbit . . . And Beyond

From Concept To Low Earth Orbit
. . . And Beyond

Our LizzieSat™ constellation is optimized to meet the precise conditions of commercial and governmental demands in our increasingly interconnected, cloud-based, and data-driven world. We work collaboratively with our consumers to deliver effective solutions that tackle the world’s most complex information challenges providing powerful benefits that improve your operations and drive growth.
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Accessing Space Requires a Down to Earth Partner

Vertically Integrated Services

Working with Sidus is Easy as 3… 2… 1…

Define & Design

Sidus offers a multidisciplinary engineering experience with talents that cover a broad spectrum of capabilities, enabling a more comprehensive range of products. Sidus’ model-based systems engineering approach includes 3D CAD & 2D engineering releases to design life cycle cost, manufacturability and thorough product analysis. Our ISO 9001/ AS9100D certified multidisciplinary engineering capabilities include performing initial design concepts and requirements definition or value-add engineering change recommendations to existing engineering.

Flight Prep & Build

Sidus Space offers precision manufacturing, electronics assembly, testing, and 3D printing dedicated to space flight, aerospace, and commercial technologies.
Our facility supports precision CNC milling and turning, AWS certified welding, fabrication and assembly, test articles, one-offs, and low-rate initial multi-axis machining up through high volume small component-sized Swiss screw machining. Our electronics division has extensive capabilities to support high-volume production of wire and cable assemblies.

Launch & Manage

We don’t just design and build you a satellite, we integrate your payload, make all launch arrangements, provide licensing, and operate the satellite-as-a-service. We have the experience to build spacecraft, integrate your instrument applications, and facilitate on-orbit services including payload vehicle contracting and commissioning activities and mission control facilities. Our data services provide aggregated imagery and geospatial data all accessible through a customer portal via subscription.

Space Services

Any way you decide to go you will be in good hands no matter the size of your budget or purpose of your mission.

Low Earth Orbit (Leo)
Satellite Constellation

Satellite Manufacturing Capabilities

LEO Satellite Launch & Deployment Support

Satellite Space Services

Data Analytics: Geospatial Intel, Imagery And Sensor

Global Monitoring and Insights

    • AIS
    • Hyperspectral
    • Multispectral

Data Services

Flexible and agile integration of new sensor technologies allows LizzieSat™ to deliver relevant, high-quality, comprehensive data sets for:

    • Agriculture detection, monitoring, yield prediction, health, and supply chain management
    • Energy infrastructure production monitoring, oil and gas, renewables, and smart-cities
    • Watershed monitoring, water quality assessment, green infrastructures
    • Planetary health, climate, natural disasters, associated economic impact
    • Immigration, border control, monitoring migration routes

Ready to Access Space?

Complete our quick 5 minute Mission Planner and we will help get you started. It’s OK if you leave things blank, we’re here to fill in the gaps.

Ready to Access Space?

Complete our quick 5 minute Mission Planner and we will help get you started. It’s OK if you leave things blank, we’re here to fill in the gaps.
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