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Carol Craig

Carol Craig

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Craig is the founder of our company and has served as our Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman since 2014. Ms. Craig is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Craig Technical Consulting, Inc., an engineering and technology company since 1999.
Ms. Craig graduated from Knox College with a BA in Computer Science and a BS in Computer Science Engineering from University of Illinois. She also has a MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Systems Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. Carol is a former P-3 Orion Naval Flight Officer and one of the first women eligible to fly in combat. She has served on over 30 boards that include educational, aerospace and defense industry and non-profit organizations.
Teresa Burchfield

Teresa Burchfield

Chief Financial Officer

Teresa Burchfield brings over 30 years of finance and accounting experience to her new role as Chief Financial Officer at Sidus Space, Inc. She has worked in multiple industries, to include consumer products, retail, direct to consumer, technology, and oil & gas, and she has over 12 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer.
Ms. Burchfield has worked in both early stage and large corporate environments. She was with Tupperware, a $1.8 billion publicly traded company, for 19 years where she served in a number of financial management roles. While with Tupperware she was the VP and Chief Financial Officer for the US & Canada business unit, VP and Group Chief Financial Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa and the VP of Investor Relations. Accordingly, she has extensive accounting, financial planning, and investor relations experience. In addition, during her time at Tupperware Ms. Burchfield was also Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at BeautiControl, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware.
During her career Teresa has also managed numerous aspects of business operations. These include business development, I.T. and marketing operations, and as a result she is experienced in product forecasting, purchasing and distribution analytics. Teresa also has over 15 years of experience working in manufacturing environments, providing a strong background in costing and operational efficiencies.
Ms. Burchfield holds a B.S. Degree in Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma, and she is a CPA in the state of Oklahoma.
Jamie Adams

Jamie Adams

Chief Technology Officer and Director

Mr. Adams joined Sidus Space in 2021 as our Chief Technology Officer and serves on the Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Sidus, Mr. Adams gained extensive experience in the aerospace industry. His role within Lockheed Martin had him primarily focused on strategic research and development within the Autonomous Systems Group, particularly in the advancement of technology across various domains such as air, land, sea, and space.

Prior to his tenure at Lockheed Martin, Mr. Adams enjoyed a distinguished career with notable stints at NASA and Boeing. While at NASA, Adams served as the Associate Division Chief overseeing the Engineering Division, which included Software, Robotics, and Simulation at Johnson Space Center (JSC).

With his comprehensive background in both government and private sectors, Mr. Adams brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at Sidus.

John Curry

John Curry

Chief Mission Operations Officer

Mr. Curry joined Sidus Space as our Chief Mission Operations Officer in April, 2022 and offers over 37 years of technical leadership and program management experience in human spaceflight and spacecraft design, development, test, and operations from aerospace leaders NASA, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), and Blue Origin.

At NASA Mr. Curry served as a NASA Space Shuttle and Space Station Flight Director and Orion Spacecraft Design Integration Manager.  At SNC, John served as Dream Chaser Program Director for crew and cargo spaceplane designs. While at SNC, John was awarded SNC Executive of the Year award for his leadership role in the NASA CRS-2 selection. Prior to joining Sidus, Mr. Curry worked at Blue Origin as Test and Flight Operations Deputy, Lunar Lander Lead, and New Glenn Mission Operations Lead​. Curry holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Rich Kube

Chief Production Officer

Mr. Kube joined us in March 2023 after acting as VP and Director of Engineering for multiple contracting firms where he was responsible for commercial and government contracts and oversaw the design and development of hardware supporting multiple space launch providers, and commercial and government agencies.
Mr. Kube’s extensive experience in manufacturing spans over 4 decades and includes 20+ years as a senior manager overseeing hardware repair, build, and test in support of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Prior to that, Mr. Kube owned and operated a manufacturing facility in Tampa which followed a tour of duty in the United States Air Force.

Jared Novick

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Novick joined Sidus in June 2023, bringing with him a diverse and extensive work experience spanning various industries and roles. Mr. Novick started his career in 2002 as a Research Scientist and Experimentalist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. From 2004 to 2008, he worked as an Intelligence Community Civil Servant, collaborating with the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and foreign partners. In 2008, he joined the Office of the Secretary of Defense, focusing on managing special projects and supporting a portfolio of special capabilities across the Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

Continuing his career in 2008, Mr. Novick became part of NASA’s High Altitude Operations and Research team, where he contributed to the organization’s operations and research efforts until 2015.

In 2011, Mr. Novick founded Curved Skies, a company that was later acquired by SRI in 2015. Following the acquisition, he joined BitVoyant, where he served as the Co-Founder and CEO until 2017. Mr. Novick then took on the role of Head of Strategy at BlueVoyant from 2017 to 2018, before transitioning to the role of Board of Advisors until the present.

Jessica Curry

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Ms. Curry joined Sidus Space in July, 2023. Prior to joining Sidus Space, Ms. Curry served as the Senior Manager for Subcontracts and Procurement teams within Blue Origin’s Supply Chain organization. During her tenure, she oversaw the procurement of critical parts across all business units, managed agreements with government entities, and managed the team responsible for awarding subcontracts to support NASA’s Sustaining Lunar Development contract.

Ms. Curry’s career in the aerospace industry began as a NASA Civil Servant for the International Space Station (ISS) Program and Launch Services Program. Her passion for managing and negotiating contracts and barter agreements with government space agencies, US Launch Service Providers, and commercial aerospace companies grew during this time. She further expanded her expertise by successfully negotiating contracts with Craig Technologies and Nanoracks for the deployment of satellites from the ISS.

With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, Ms. Curry brings a strong educational foundation to her role at Sidus Space. Her extensive experience in contract management and her unwavering commitment to the commercialization of space make her an ideal fit for the Company’s strategic objectives.

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