Meet Thelma – LizzieSat -1

Anticipation builds for the historic #launch and deployment of LizzieSat™-1, appropriately named THELMA. Our pioneering space platform reflects the indomitable spirit and enduring legacy of our very own Thelma Bovard. Carol Craig (Sidus Founder and CEO) was chosen and adopted at nine days old by Thelma and the Bovard family. Thelma was an inspiration to women throughout her life as she earned a master’s degree in mathematics education during a time when women were rarely seen on a college campus. Only 1.2% of women attended college when Thelma made her mark and even fewer pursued STEM related majors. Her passion for learning and mentorship was critical in Carol’s upbringing because of Thelma’s continued reminder that ‘You can be anything and do anything that you set your mind to, no matter what others tell you’. Carol’s subsequent achievements, including earning computer science and engineering degrees, serving in the U.S. Navy as one of the first female Naval Flight Officers eligible to fly combat aircraft, and founding two world class companies, bear witness to Thelma’s enduring impact. Thelma passed away unexpectedly in June 2023, at the age of 91. To Carol, Thelma is her SHERO and is honored on LizzieSat-1 as the On-Orbit Constellation Supervisor for the entire #LizzieSat Constellation going forward. We hope Thelma’s inspiration drives other women to lean forward as the next generation of space pioneers!